Gulfstream Unsinkable Boats

Commercial and Government Division


Safety, Reliability and Comfort. Those three words are the cornerstones of our Commercial and Government Division's mission here at Gulfstream Unsinkable Boats. While safety is our absolute top priority, we also work hard to produce a boat that has the redundant systems needed to keep you going each and every day. These boats are also designed to help keep you comfortable during long days on the water. While other companies may brag about using techniques that allow them to make their boats increasingly lighter, we believe in building hard-core, mission specific vessels that have enough strength and mass to beat down pounding seas and allow you to do your job more effectively.


Our modular design also allows us to provide an uparalled level of customiztion.  From machine gun mounts, to custom gun lockers, to fireboat equipment, to air suspension seats, we can do it all.  Just let us know exactly what it is that you need for your work and we will get it done.

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